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SynthNN - Part 1: A Synthesized Neural Network

SynthNN, or the Synthesized Neural Network, is an experiment in designing a new type of artificial intelligence being developed here at The Ape Machine.
Our project does not try to take much inspiration from the human biological model, as we are of the opinion that computers should not try to venture into areas they are not designed for, and should stay within their digital domain.

Because of this reason our ultimate goal is not to reach any form of artificial human intelligence, but to build something that outperforms human (eventually), while using approaches that fit the way the hardware is designed.

Currently, SynthNN is not functional enough to perform any of the standard machine learning party tricks, and it wouldn't even be able to solve the MNIST challenge.
We are solely focused on building out the inner workings of a single neuron in the system, continuing from there to model the way neurons will communicate with other neurons in the network.